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Unlock Your Car Radio Code Instant

No matter the car make, our powerful calculator can generate the radio code from the serial number found on the label attached to the box or display. Visit your car model’s page for detailed instructions on finding this number. Simply enter it into our calculator, confirm your model, choose a payment method, and receive the code instantly! Please note that the code cannot be calculated from the VIN. Get ready to enjoy your favorite tunes once again!

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Locate the serial number

The radio’s serial number is essential for obtaining an online stereo code. This number might be displayed on your radio screen or located on a label attached to the radio casing, varying based on your model. For detailed instructions tailored to your vehicle or radio brand, kindly visit the dedicated brand page on our website.


Make the payment

Please enter your serial number to check for code availability. If a fee is required, kindly proceed with payment to obtain your code. For your convenience and security, we accept payments via Stripe and PayPal. Our goal is to ensure a seamless and secure transaction experience, making this process as simple as we can for you.


Receive radio code

Our service operates with incredible speed. For most stereo codes, they’ll instantly appear on the webpage. However, certain types of radios may necessitate manual unlocking, which typically takes between 10 to 30 minutes. Rest assured, our team is dedicated to swift delivery, ensuring you swiftly resume enjoying your tunes without unnecessary delays.

About us

We’re a dedicated team of web developers specializing in car electronics, boasting over a decade of experience in the field (and our enthusiasm remains unwavering!). While many of our radio codes come at no cost, certain ones demand specialized decoding tools and additional effort, warranting a small fee. Nonetheless, we take pride in offering the most competitive prices available. If you discover a lower price elsewhere online, we don’t just match it—we refund the difference. Your satisfaction is paramount to us. We invite you to explore our Trustpilot profile for further assurance.

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How to get radio code for free?

Getting a free code is feasible for car makes like Ford and Renault. Enter your serial number on the generator; if it’s eligible, the code is displayed instantly. However, for many other car brands, there’s an unlocking charge, with prices varying based on the complexity of the calculation. To determine the cost to unlock your radio, input the serial number into our finder and follow the simple process.