fiat radio code

Get your Fiat Radio Code in seconds

Have you lost the activation code of your Fiat car radio? Don’t worry; it’s a prevalent problem with an easy solution, as long as you are in the right place, and you are! With our online generator, you can retrieve the precious code easily. Just enter the serial number of your radio in the generator above and follow the simple process. The whole unlocking process takes, at most, 10 minutes.

fiat radio code

How to Find your Fiat Radio Code

You must extract the radio to be able to see the serial number. You can find info about the extraction process on YouTube (by searching for your Fiat model and year). Depending on the manufacturer of the radio (i.e., Blaupunkt, Continental, Bosch, Visten, TopPower, DAIICHI, etc), the serial number has a different format. You will almost always see this identifier above or below the barcode. We advise you to look at the pictures of the slider or the examples below to be able to identify yours. Example of a few valid serial numbers:

  • BP730076696171
  • M010915
  • I961
  • A2C9985220200004240
  • U5389
  • CM8526 A 4410097

If you are having trouble finding your serial, you may have an incompatible model. Please take a look at the section below.

Incompatible Fiat Radio Models

There are several radio models for which it is impossible to get the code online. Usually, this happens with Brazilian Fiat models. Still, there are also some European ones, such as the units manufactured by Magneti Marelli, Mopar, Delphi, and Anatel. Please take a look at the slider pictures.

fiat code radio

How to Enter Fiat Radio Code

Congratulations on getting your 4-digit activation code. Now it’s time to enter it so you can start enjoying your audio system again. For most models, enter the four digits, and that’s all. If your radio struggles, please see the instructions for each radio model in YouTube Playlist. Try not to enter random codes, some radios lock up for 60 minutes (time in which it must remain on) after three attempts.