seat radio code

How to get your seat altea radio code

All radio units that are fitted by default in Seat brand vehicles have an anti-theft system that is activated when there is a power interruption. This system is usually activated by changing the car battery, and if you do not have the card with the radio code, you find that you can no longer use the radio.

Fortunately, you can get this code yourself using the serial number that you can find on the back of the radio. Take out the radio and check the label on which this number is printed. You should see something like this: SEZ1Z1A1234567. With this serial in hand, enter it in the generator above (form) and follow the simple steps to obtain your code. It works with all the Seat cars models:

  • Ibiza
  • Aura
  • Leon
  • Altea
  • Aura

How to remove your seat radio

To remove the radio from your Seat car and thus be able to see the serial number, you only need a screwdriver (flat tip) and preferably some plastic tools such as you can see here. Use the plastic tools or something similar (be careful not to damage the plastic) to remove the trim covering the radio and then use the flat screwdriver for the screws that hold the unit. Pull the unit out until you can see the serial number label.

seat radio remove

How to get your seat radio code free

We offer free codes for Blaupunkt radios (BP + 12 digits). You can access this offer by sending us a picture of the radiolabel in the chat. Our team will know what it is and respond with the 4-digit code required to activate your radio. If you have a Clarion radio, a trick works for some units: how to bypass radio code. For navigations and radios manufactured by Daewoo, the unlocking process is very complicated, so getting the code at no cost is impossible.